12 Reasons Why And How You Should Network with Other Bloggers

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Blogging seems like a solitary job, but it’s not. In fact, if you go it alone you won’t experience the success, excitement and momentum you would if you connected with other bloggers.

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Networking with other bloggers is really important, especially if you’re starting out. Don’t believe me?

Here are 12 reasons why (and how) you should network with other bloggers.

First the Why:

1. You Can Troubleshoot Problems

When you network with other bloggers they’re experiencing the same issues you’re facing. If you’re wondering why your Pinterest traffic suddenly dropped off or you lost your Amazon affiliate status, they’re there to help you understand what’s going on.

Your blogging networks are your greatest resource. The world of blogging is new, ever-changing and there’s a lot of uncharted territory out there. Problems pop up out of nowhere and it’s hard to know how to fix them or what path you should take. Let your fellow bloggers guide you.

2. You Can Hold Each Other Accountable

When you work on your own it’s hard to stay motivated. You need cheerleaders who share your success and talk you down when you’re ready to give up. If you network with other bloggers they’ll know exactly what you’re going through. They’ll keep you moving on.

Plus, getting to know other bloggers feels like there’s someone to answer to. If you suddenly stop posting or feel overwhelmed, they’ll notice. You need accountability to become successful.

3. Share Guest Posts

When you start to network with other bloggers, you might find friends with similar or related blog topics to your own. This is great because you can offer a guest post and ask them to return the favor. Their audience might be a little different than yours but the cross-post will give you exposure to new readers who might want to follow your blog as well.

Guest posting within your blogging networks is a fun and interesting way to stretch your writing skills. Writing for a different avatar, or audience, is a creative project to get your wheels turning. You know how to write to your people, but can you also connect with someone else’s?

4. Blogging Can Be Lonely

Let’s get real. You’re busy. I’m busy. I’ve got kids, a husband, family and friends. There’s a lot going on. Yet, sometimes blogging gets lonely. Blogging IS a solitary job. Even if you end up with a team or running a small business down the road, when you first start out you’re going it alone.

Other bloggers are like coworkers without drama or stress. You’re each running your own blog, working independently but knowing you’re going through the same struggles, frustrations and break-throughs is comforting. Find other bloggers who understand what it’s like. Find bloggers who are at your level and work together.

5. You’ll Help Each Other

When I needed to hire for Busy Budgeter, I immediately reached out to my blogging networks. Why? Because I knew they’d help me. Your network will help you with all sorts of issues.

Fellow bloggers give you someone to bounce ideas off. They’ll give a read through on your opt-in before it goes out. They’ll offer opinions on a new logo or look for your site. They’ll refer you to a great photographer, graphic designer or tech support person. Fellow bloggers are a great resource!

6. You Can Brainstorm Together

Feeling stuck? Blogging brain-block happens to ALL of us. Seriously, sometimes it’s impossible to come up with new ideas or get over a hurdle. If you’ve built a network of fellow bloggers reach out to them, ask for a little feedback or listen to what they do.

Sometimes reading other blogs gives you a jumpstart as well. Often, I’m inspired by other blogger’s posts and brainstorm ways to share similar ideas and concepts with my own avatar (Remember: we’re all writing to our own audience and there are plenty of readers out there).

7. You’ll Gain Access to Groups

When you start to network with other bloggers you might get asked to join a Facebook group or even a mastermind group of fellow bloggers working on similar topics. These groups are SO valuable! Share and discuss insights, industry trends, challenges and more.

My mastermind group is amazing, motivating and has allowed me to take my blog from a hobby, to a job, to a small business. I attribute so much of by growth as a blogger and a businesswoman to them. Imagine being surrounded by people who regularly coach you, hold you accountable, lift you up and push you further. Yeah. It’s seriously THAT amazing.

8. Because There’s Plenty of Success to Go Around!

The internet is HUGE. There’s so much to go around! You might feel afraid to share ideas or network with other bloggers because you’re concerned they’re going to “steal” your audience. An amazing concept about blogging is readers can enjoy MORE than one blog. Crazy, I know.

Instead of feeling like we’re in competition with each other for readers and an audience, we should realize there are plenty of people out there who enjoy all sorts of blogs. If you’re really writing to your audience, to YOUR people, then your message will reach them. It doesn’t matter if ten other blogs reach them too. It’s all about knowing who you’re writing to.

For more on discovering and reaching YOUR people, please check out Date Your List. It will literally walk you through every step to get your posts in front of an audience who LOVES you.

And the How:

So, you’re sold on networking with other bloggers, now, right? The next question of course, is how on earth do you find these awesome fellow-bloggers?

9. Take a Blogging Class

As I mentioned, Elite Blog Academy (EBA) was a HUGE game-changer for me. When I joined EBA I met tons of amazing, successful, up-and-coming, hilarious, wonderful bloggers. They’re just awesome – RoseMarie

Remember when you went to high school, or college? The people in your homeroom or who shared your major became your crew, right? Well, EBA is like that too, but on a whole other level. Not only was it an amazing class in terms of professional development, but it helped me realize I was part of a great network of fellow bloggers. We were all going through the same process, the same struggles. We were learning together. They became my crew.

10. Join a Group on Facebook

If you aren’t ready to take the plunge with a blogging class, join a few affinity groups on Facebook. Search out your niche. There are groups for crunchy organic bloggers. There are groups for budget bloggers. There are groups for single mom bloggers. There are groups for retired bloggers. Seriously. There is a group for you and your blog!

In fact, there are probably multiple blogging groups you could join. Many of these groups offer to share each other’s posts. Some groups are a bit “spammy” but there are plenty of groups where everyone cheers each other on and helps each other out. Start checking out Facebook groups.

11. Reach Out to Bloggers You Admire

If there’s a blog you love to read, or another blogger you admire, reach out and let her (or him) know! Most bloggers are a little shell-shocked from constant spam, so don’t comment on their blog and say, “Great blog! Will you promote my product/blog/essential oils/candles/etc.,” because in most cases it will result in being ignored.

Instead, send out an email. Let them know you admire their blog and why. Tell them you’re hoping to network with fellow bloggers and ask if they belong to any networks or groups they could recommend to you. Once you’ve started to build up a relationship, the networking comes naturally.

12. Attend a Conference or Event

I recently spoke at the Activate EBA Live conference and it was so amazing to connect with tons of great bloggers. Many of the attendees were starting out and it was fun to listen to everyone bounce ideas off each other. Conferences are often energizing and motivating(and this one was awesome, you guys).

If you can’t go to a blogging conference, there are tons of Facebook Live presentations, seminars and Q&A’s to participate in. While these aren’t quite as exciting as a big conference, they’re still full of smart expert bloggers giving you great answers and helping you along the way. Network with fellow participants as well as those presenting. You never know where you’ll find a connection.

Blogging is great. It’s seriously the best career I’ve ever had. It’s interesting, easy, fun and inspiring. Every day is a new adventure. It’s even better when you’ve got a crew of fellow bloggers who inspire you and know exactly what you’re going through. So, why do you think networking with other bloggers is important blog? How do you plan to connect with your blog squad? — Busy Budgeter(RoseMarie)

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