Revealed: Why Women Cheat? The Reason Will Shock You!

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According to Dr Segun, a Sexual health activist
Why Do Women Cheat?

You see, what men need to understand is that women are EMOTIONAL & SEXUAL being and so, if you don’t satisfy them the way that will blow their mind…you WILL lose them….likely to another man. So what are the reasons that can make you lose your woman to another man?

Here they are…

Abusing them Physically:

If you are a wife beater, you are not fit to be called a man, because only a weak man will beat his wife and because you are weak man, you might lose your wife to another man because of your unbecoming behavior.

So, if you are the type that beat your woman, just know that some day she might turn back and beat you or run away to another man, making you a lonely loser.

The funny thing is, you’ll hardly find a woman to show you love and affection because most women are good at sensing a wife beater and once that is done, you have lost them forever! So no woman, no good sex for you. Bad news!

Not Giving Them Love and Attention :
Remember, women are emotional beings right? So naturally if you don’t show love to your woman, may be by not showering her with gifts, giving her money with LOVE so she can take good care of herself or just not caring at all, my brother, you have risked losing you woman to another man, because women love attention, it makes them feel special.

So always ensure you are showing her the much needed love, care and affection so you can make her happy, she will stick to you like a glue.
If you are So TERRIBLE on Bed:

Truth be told, this is the MAJOR reason why women cheat! If you have a Micro Manhood & you don’t last 2 mins, brother, even if you if you protect your woman like an egg, give her 1 Million Dollars & show her love like you are “MR ROMEO” but you are terrible on bed, you will lose you woman! I repeat, you will lose your woman!

So if you have a MICRO manhood or you are a 2 mins man, sorry to say…there is fire on the mountain for you!

Being terrible on bed is MAJOR turn off for women, some will tell it to your face, but many of them will NEVER tell you to your face, because they feel it will make you embarrassed and unmanly.

Which is actually true! But when they get fed up… They will cheat on you! Look at what Madam “brown Bear” has to say…

Look at what “Starved Wife” have to say…

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