5-technology Based Skills You Can Learn In 5days And Start Earning Good Income

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The reason why human capita developers focus on skill acquisition, is because the only way to truly empower and enrich anyone or yourself, Is through the acquisition of skills. Here are 5 technology based skills you can learn and start making good income almost immediately. The good thing about these skills is that you do not have to have any technical or science background as the technologies involved are modularized.

1. CCTV Installation and Maintenance: CCTV technology is moving rapidly with advanced features that creates capabilities for people to be able to view their homes, offices and remote businesses from their mobile phones, and computers. Imagine somebody who has a farm in a remote village and can view all the activities live from his mobile phone, or an MD that can view the activities of his office in Abuja (or any other city) from Lagos or from anywhere in the world. Or a working class mum that wants to see how the nanny takes care of the children. all these (to mention a few) are new capabilities that has increased demand on CCTV business.
OK, so how do I make money from learning CCTV? You make money from Installation Service Charges, and from selling the products. You also make money from maintenance and upgrade of existing CCTV installations. All of which you would be taught during this skills training.
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2.Vehicle Tracker Installation Training.: Vehicle trackers, allows you to monitor the physical location of your vehicle. They monitor speed and fuel as well. The owner can see the physical location of the vehicle(on google map) on their phone, and you get a text message on the amount of fuel (in litres) added to the car. You also get a text message if a set speed limit has been exceeded. These capabilities has brought very high demand on the need for vehicle trackers, and consequently installers. Imagine an unfortunate situation of car theft where the owner can tell the police, where the car is. You make money from this skill, by selling vehicle trackers as well as the service-charge on Installation.

3.Inverters & Solar Energy Installation: Inverters provide Electricity from Batteries (and depending on capacity), can power most house hold gadgets for long durations, say 7-15hours, and they do not make noise or generate smoke. Also, new developments in solar renewable energy(not with Inverters), can generate power for house hold gadgets for up to 24hours--YES 24hours!!..I mean the renewable option!
The need and demand for Inverters in the Nigerian market is not something that can be overemphasized with the level of epileptic supply we have in the country. If you have this skill, you make money from Installation service-charges as well as sales of Inverters and Batteries.
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4. Fire Alarm Systems: Fire Alarms are needed in all residential and commercial buildings! What kills mostly when there is a fire incidence is not the burns from the fire! Its the carbon-monoxide from the smoke. Fire Alarms are installed to give early warning and detection to occupants of a building once smoke is detected (so that evacuation can take place). In some cases, sprinklers could be triggered to put off the fire automatically.
We have combined this Fire Alarm training with CCTV at a discounted price.

  1. Access Control Systems:. Access controls are used by Hotels, Banks, public and Government buildings and companies (as is the case of time attendance finger print bio-metrics) to control access to restricted areas as well as take attendance of time.

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