66 Inmates Released From Kirikiri Medium Prisons

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66 inmates of the Kirikiri Medium Prisons, Lagos, yesterday, breathed an air of freedom as the Chief Judge of Lagos State, Justice Oluwafunmilayo Atilade, ordered their release.

Atilade gave the order during a visit to the prison as part of efforts to facilitate administration of justice in the state and reduce overcrowding in the facility.

The prison which currently accommodates 3,326 inmates, has 2, 789 awaiting trial, while 537 have so far been convicted.

Initially, 35 inmates were scheduled to be granted amnesty, but the figure rose to 66 after the prison authorities had appealed to the chief judge to free 31 additional inmates.

More than 72 inmates have been released in the last three years by the chief judge.
Atilade said: ”You are hereby released from custody this ninth day of May 2017; you are enjoined to go and sin no more.

“Our visit to the Kirikiri Medium Prisons is to ensure a reduction in the number of the awaiting trial inmates and make sure that cases are dispensed judiciously and within the permissible time frame.
“The purpose is also to ensure that the prisoners will still be useful to the society. “I hope that they have learnt substantially from their previous mistakes as they are granted amnesty today and re-integrated into the society.”

“I also hope they will not do anything that will bring them back to prison.”

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