7 countries where university education is free

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In Nigeria, the cost of education is steadily increasing, causing thousands of students to rethink their options. All hope is not lost, however, as these countries offer free varsity education.

We cannot deny the fact that the cost of education in Nigeria is steadily increasing. It has become financially challenging for thousands of Nigerians whose aim is attend and graduate from a reputable University in the country.

 If the only option you have left is to study abroad, then you might be facing an even bigger problem, unless you choose to study in any of the countries below.

1. Brazil:

Brazil’s universities charge registration fees,\ but they do not require regular tuition. Many of them also offer courses in English.

2. Germany:

Germany has 900 programs in English, and is eager to attract foreign students to tuition-free universities due to the country’s shortage of skilled workers.

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3. Finland:

Finland doesn’t have tuition fees but the government does warn foreigners that they have to cover living expenses. Studying there means you only have to worry about room and board.

4. France:

France does charge tuition – but normally around 200 dollars at public universities. A far cry from what you’d normally pay in some varsities here.

5. Norway:

Norwegian students, including foreigners studying in the country, do not have to pay any college tuition. Be forewarned, however, of the harsh winters and high cost of living.

6. Slovenia:

If Eastern Europe is more your thing, Slovenia has 150 English-language programs, and only charges a registration fee – no tuition.

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7.  Sweden:

Sweden has over 300 English-language programs. Although college there is free,  cost of living may be pricey for foreigners.


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