A Selfie Freak Drags A Shark Out Of Water!Find Out What Happen Next(video)

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A shark died after a group of tourists and lifeguards in the Dominican Republic raced into the water to drag it back to shore. 

In a shocking video captured by beachgoers, the shark is first seen in the surf as seven men cautiously approached it and drug it back to shore.

The incident reportedly took place near the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana, where some members of the hotel's staff were involved, according to The Dodo.

As the men approach the shore, the shark tries to escape to no avail.

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It appeared it was tangled in the rope of a life preserver as lifeguards from the hotel were among those who got involved.

The life preserver was even inserted into the shark's mouth as it lie helplessly on it's back surrounded by lifeguards and tourists.

Tourists and lifeguards then used the shark as a prop and began to take photos with it. Some were holding the shark down as others sat around it.

One man held the dying creature's tail fin in the air as he posed for a photo.

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