Actress Daniella Okeke Threatens To Murder Fan Over Advice

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Nollywood actress, Daniella Okeke replied fan with death threatening words after The actress shared a photo of her sweet lookalike mum with the caption, "AM SO BLESSED TO VE YOU AS MY MUMMY. GOD BLESS YOU MUMMY."

daniella-okeke-and-mum-in-new-photosOne follower, however, felt the need to advice her on getting her mum a car. "Choima go get her a ride? Stop fooling ur self here biko! I saw her in Warri trekking," he commented.

The actress who culdnt take it replied the fan . "@nekkiz1 u re a fool cos if u know my mum very well u know she has a toyota jeep I bought 4 her.. @hotnikkle she dis big fool o lol," she replied his comment.

Not leaving it there, Daniella further added, "@nekkiz1 cum u can talk abt me and say any shit but if u come 2 my mum I will murder you idiot.’’

Olayinka Olamiposi

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