Actress Funke Adesiyan Goes Hard On Trolls With Evidence

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Actress, Funke Adesiyan has fired back at trolls, who mocked her cheap dress, calling her broke.

Yesterday, she shared a photo of herself wearing a $6 top and attached the receipt for the top.

Some trolls then said she was broke for wearing a top that ‘cheap’.

funke-adesiyan-344x337The actress however, fired back at them, by sharing the certificate of the red bag she carried in the photo, saying she bought it for $5,650.

“See me see wahala o. People say am broke because i wore a $6 top. I don’t know that wearing cheap things is a crime o…What can be more real? Don’t get it twisted,”

“I wore a $6 top but carried a $5,650 bag with it. That is the bag certificate right there. Sorry Delvaux bags don’t do sale nor do fake. It’s not right you judge people by how cheap or expensive what they wear is. Either one naira or 1 million dollar, money is money. Have a great day beautiful ones.”

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