Actress Kate Henshaw REGRETS Involvement In Baby Micheal’s Case

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Kate1Actress, Kate Henshaw has expressed regrets taking up philanthropy over baby Michael, and she may not be doing this again in the future.

The actress, like Toyin Aimakhu was tagged as the pictures made rounds on social media as she championed fundraising efforts for his treatment.

Henshaw however became involved with Baby Micheal, a toddler with a cancerous growth on his chin in March, after he was spotted with his sex worker mother, begging in Lagos.

Kate Henshaw is now at cross-hairs with Michael’s family who though noted their appreciation for her efforts, complained that there was no proper communication in managing the fund gathered for his treatment.

The distrust from family members prompted the actress to regret her involvement after stating that the funds were not in her care.

“A little part of me regrets; even though the Bible says we should not be tired of doing good.

The family is giving us problems; but we are committed to the health and medical care of Baby Michael”.

She said “With my experience, there is going to be a lethargic, tired attitude of celebrities when they are called to cases like this in the future.

They may donate, but for someone like me to come out and say before the camera that ‘I,Kate Henshaw…’ It’s not happening again.”

It was reported that Michael has been moved from LUTH due to the ongoing strike and will be handed to his aunt who now has custody.

The NGO- Project Alert and Kate Henshaw will however continue to take care of the medical bills.

Olayinka Olamiposi

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