Actress Titi Oshinowo Opens Up On Painful Ordeal With Randy Movie Producer

Nollywood Actress, Titi Oshinowo has opened up on her painful ordeal with a popular randy producer.
According to sources from an online platform, the actress stated that she shot the movie without being paid a dime, citing how badly she was treated by the producer.

According to her, the producer whose name she withheld, had been asking her on a date before the movie was shot, as it was through a senior colleague she got the offer.

“It was a movie set i went for, the producer has been asking me out before he invited me for the job, because it was a senior colleague close to him that invited me for the job and when I got there, he gave me the key to his room, I never knew it was the key to him room till I got there, because I saw boxers, the suit he wore earlier on that day”.

Titi further said that “So on my way back to tell him I can’t sleep in his room. He talked about dating me, and knowing the kind of person he is, someone advised me on my way down that I should tell him I would think about it, so I did so and told him would think about it, that I wasn’t prepared for it. So I ended up sleeping in another senior colleague’s room, knowing the kind of person he is, I don’t want to mention his name, because i don’t want trouble, not that am scared of him.”

“He really treated me bad on that day, because he did not give me any dime for the movie, transport or feeding. I shot the movie till the end, but he did not pay me anything,” She said

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