Air passengers arrested after throwing food, slapping crew

Three Chinese air travelers were arrested after a video showed them hitting, throwing food and verbally abusing ground crew over a delayed flight, reports said on Tuesday.

Passengers leaving the southern city of Changsha became angry when their flight to the tropical Hainan island province was delayed on Monday.

Two men and one female passenger shouted at the staff and the woman threw a boxed meal at a female ground staff member twice.

Later, a male passenger slapped another staff member’s face and beat her.
However, all three travelers were detained by the police.

The rude behaviour of some Chinese tourists at home and abroad has sparked widespread embarrassment and calls for the government to step in.

In December 2014, a flight attendant on a Thai AirAsia flight was scalded when a pot of noodles in hot water was flung at her by a Chinese tourist who was angry about not getting a receipt.

In 2015, Beijing began compiling a public black list of Chinese tourists who behave badly in foreign countries.


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