All You Need To Know As TSTV Launches In Nigeria

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TSTV Decoder comes with 200+ Channels just to entertain and make sure you feel very happy.
It comes with Inbuilt camera.

With the inbuilt camera, you can be able to use it to do a video call to your family and friends provided they also have decoder and active subscriptions.

Isn’t it amazing. In fact, this is one of the best thing I personally like about TSTV decoder.

Just like I said earlier, you can use TSTV decoder to make video calls. This is made possible because of the free Wi-Fi it came with coupled with the amazing inbuilt camera inside the decoder.
The decoder has a Pause Option. With this Pause Option you can pause your subscription for a while. This is also amazing because with this option, you can use your subscription for more than a month or even more. You can also pause it when you travel.

However, when you newly buy TSTV Decoder, you get 20GB free data bundle. What I’m not certain for now is whether you can be able to browse with the data through your phone considering the fact that it comes with Free Wi-Fi. Will update this post when I clarify it.

TSTV Channels, Packages, Subscription & Decoder Prices

TSTV decoder comes with hard disk space of 50GB and an option of record while playing. This means that, you can record your favorite show from any of the channels and save it right there in your decoder so as to play it whenever you like. I think this option is also great. For example, an important movie is showing while you’re very busy. Instead of leaving your work to come watch the movie. You can just record it and watch it later at your own convenience. This is a nice option for ladies cooking. You don’t have to let your food get burnt anymore.

With TSTV Decoder you can watch latest cinema show. Do you understand it? Ok, let me explain it again. TSTV has made it much easier for movie lovers. Now you can watch that LATEST cinema movies right at the comfort of your home. With this, you don’t have to go to cinema anymore. And those who doesn’t normally have the chance to go to cinema can now be updated with the latest cinema movies. Wow! Its getting interesting right?

With the amazing options TSTV decorder comes with, we will proudly say that TSTV decoder is like no other. It also comes with a very cheap price of N5,000 only. Re-subscribing is very easy as long as you have airtime on your phone. You don’t need to go to bank or any retailer to subscribe. With the airtime on your phone, you can easily re-subscribe your TSTV decoder.

For sports lovers. Because I know a lot of people are complaining that Gotv doesn’t show live match all the time. The good news is, with TSTV, you can watch live matches like UEFA Champions League, Europa League and more.


TSTV comes with amazing channels just for your pleasure. With more than 200 channels, TSTV have you covered all day. Sports, Kids, Health, Fashion etc. They are many. Below are the list of TSTV Channels in Nigeria.

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