Anti-Corruption Campaign Is Here To Stay – Dr Olabode Olawoye(Read Biography)

On June 7 2017, during the merit award presentation given to HRM Oba Olufunmilayo Omoniyi,The Akapinsa of Ipinsa Land, Rayoonline got the privilege of interacting with Dr Olabode Olawoye, the President of Nigeria Interclassic Youth Forum.

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We knew Little about him before the ceremony but mere looking at Dr Olabode you will be ignited by his charisma and intellect . We booked an appointment for an interview the following day and this is what we were wowed about..

His Biography! Read Below:

Dr.Olabode who is over 50-years old hails from the ancient town of Idanre in Ondo state, Nigeria but doesn't like identifying with his people based on personal reasons and circumstances surrounding the death of his father years back while he was growing up.

His growing up was rascally and rough but his father's strict nature made it possible for him to adapt to both sides of life and he was determined and able to make it despite set back.

He attended Oyemekun grammar school,Akure. He grew up in Lagos where he had an incomplete tertiary education from the department of business studies at the University of Lagos but started working on campus in Marere Hall to make ends meet.
In 1979,he started his advertising career in Nigeria railway where he worked for a year and also worked with several media and advertising companies on per annum employments.Such companies include:PAL advertising company as assistant media executive in 1980,Eminet communications as media manager in 1981 but he left as media and client director.
He traveled to London in the year 1981 to study communication at city of London Polytechnic, and graduated in communication studies with major in advertising and public relations in 1983.
He attended many professional course and seminars Internationally.

He remained in London for 15years and later set up his personal business in mini cab under Wico Enterprises in North London,Nottingham also has personal house in Hackney,London(E9).

He became constant in Nigeria since 2001 and started war against corruption and drug among youths with Nationa Drug Law Enforcement Agency(NDLEA).

In 2003,he registered his own Non Governmental Organization(NGO) called "Interclassic Youth Forum" which was the first of it's kind in Nigeria to launch Drug Abuse Free and was also made the president of networking NGO in Lagos.

He received a kit box containing 150 illicit drugs from the Drug Demand Reduction Unit (DDRU)of the NDLEA,under the leadership of Bello Lafiaji to aid his campaign against drug use.
In 2007 during the UNDOC seminar ,the need to have a coalition among all 53 countries in Africa came up ,the aim of this is to protect the image of all registered NGO in Africa .
Dr Bode Olawoye became the 1st African and Nigerian to clinch the position of the president of SANCADA (Sub Sahara African Non Government NGO Against Drug Abuse) he served for four years .

He represented Nigeria in a conference organized by the United Nations Drug Control from between 2005/2007 in Dakar,Senegal and in Austria,Europe.His organization also took it upon itself to erect a billboard that had "SAY NO TO DRUG AND HIV" inscribed on it.This project enabled him meet with important dignitaries and also traveled to india.

In 2013, he banked a doctorate degree in Philosophy from the Common wealth university Dubai.
He instigated the erection of 2850 billboards in six states in Nigeria. Mouka foam personally sponsored 200,Rambazil sponsored 100,Lagos state House of Assembly also sponsored some and so on.He received letter of commendation for been a great ambassador after doing much on drug abuse.

Mrs.Titi Oseni,the Speaker of Ogun State House of Assembly sponsored 50 billboards.

Operation catch Them young billboard was erected in Schools across Ogun state .The "Iya-lode" of Egba Land,chief Mrs Alaba Lawson and the Alake of Egba land were all big bones behind the Movement .

In 2010 when corruption was loud and embedded in the Mind of Nigerians,Dr.Olawoye was transferred by Anti-corruption Awareness Organization of Nigeria affiliated with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC) to Ondo State.

2850 Billboards were erected across 6 states in Nigeria By Dr Olabode Olawoye Organisation

He organized a one million match against crime and corruption in Ondo state which was a 3-day program .During this program,lots of dignitaries were in attendance such as the executive governor of Ondo state represented by Honorable Saka Lawal on the first day of launching the program.

The anti-corruption campaign was taken to over 500 schools in Ondo state,visited 22 royal fathers,organized seminars for Artisans and government officials.

Eminent people such as Mrs.Tinu Olowofela,NTA Akure director was honored on the last day of the event where d executive governor was also represented by honorable Abdusalam Taofik.
Drug and corruption practices,the use of influence and affluence to cheat others is the main problem been faced by the masses majorly.

He is member of many social and professional clubs,he is a member of the British institute of management
A member of the institute of sales marketing and management (London)
A member of the club Elan Akure and also a member of the senior staff club Akure .

Dr.Olawoye Olabode (Scorpion) is happily married with five children.

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