Bill Clinton is happy!Read what he said when a woman compliments him

Bill Clinton may not be the ladies' man he once was. 

But the former president looked tickled when a woman threw out a compliment as he spoke to a crowd in San Diego on Wednesday while campaigning for his wife, Hillary.

'I still feel young...' the potential First Man told the audience before he was cut off.  ABC News reported.

'You look great!' a woman yelled.

'Been a long time since a girl has said that to me,' he said, laughing as the audience erupted in cheers. 'I usually get 'You look good for a man your age, that last phrase is a killer!'

Clinton is known to have had a fling with a White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, who was 27 years in junior, when he was in office.

His wife, Hillary, suffered an upset to Bernie Sanders in the Indiana primary but is still expected to clinch the Democratic nomination.

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