Blind Student Writes VC ,See His Agitations

Lawrence Success Umezinwa, a visually-impaired student of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), has written a letter to the institution’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Rahman Bello.

According to Sahara Reporters, the student is unhappy because of the assault on him by the institution’s security men whom he said were acting on the orders of the Students Affairs (DSA) to send him out of his hostel.

The Political Science student, through his letter, explained that while on his way to submit some documents, he was invited to a meeting with security officers, porters and one executive of the hostel and had promised to attend the meeting after submitting the said documents.

He stated further that he met six men at the venue of the meeting, one of whom had a gun and it was at that point that he felt the meeting may have had links with a letter issued to him by the DSA directing his removal from office as the Chairman of Mariere Hall.

The blind student noted as well, that attempt were made to seize his phone during a tussle which he was reportedly using to record discussions at the meeting because he felt the need to make a recording of the meeting.

One of the security men allegedly poked his fingers into the student’s blind eye while others were said to have twisted his neck, removed his wristwatch and tore his shirt after which they overpowered him and collected his phone.

Umezinwa also lamented that he was pushed into his room to get out his belongings but because they could not identify his particular luggage, they locked the room to deny him access.

He said: “Ever since that incident happened, I have not been allowed entrance into the hall I chair and the room I was allocated, which has led to me sleeping around considering my state as a blind student.”

The young man also attached the eviction letter issued to him from office the DSA to the letter he sent to the VC.

The letter which was reportedly signed by deputy dean 1, Dr. Karo Ogbinaka, ordered his removal from office as the Chairman of Mariere hall of residence, while also citing his refusal to comply with a management directive to vacate the hall on 6 June as a reason.

The letter dated June 9, directed Akintola Opeoluwa, Umezinwa’s deputy, to take over the leadership of the hall with immediate effect.

But the visually impaired student is seeking a redress as he described his removal by the DSA as arbitrary and branded his treatment by the security men as “barbaric, uncivil, condemnable, and a breach of his fundamental human rights which calls for public concern.”

He added: “This institution is tagged nation’s pride but the office of the Dean of Student Affairs has not exhibited this in its conduct and I vehemently say as a student that this action needs to be thoroughly investigated and the perpetrators brought to book.”


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