Bloggers at war?The Radar just said this about Linda Ikeji(photos)

If you are Nigerian and a regular internet user,this shouldn't be a new story as this has been on for weeks now.Linda Ikeji has been on top page of most news blogs,discussion forum and news headlines in Nigeria.This stare as a matter of fact has been on for long ,but her recent misunderstanding with Wizkid swept the dirt out.

My Opinion: When things like this happens its normal for people to take sides,and that's exactly what's happening.Success they say ,comes with lots of sweetening at same time bitterness,My candid advice for Linda,take is slow and low as haters are on the look!My advice for Rivalries/haters/beefers/persecutors/fault finders/anything you call it.Work hard,do all you can,be yourself,earn more,face life as its a game of choice.Now I'm not in support of infringing on others privacy but if that person has spoken for himself /herself let it be rather than hearers propagating it .We should live at peace and not war !My 1 kobo advice.We are all humans looking for our daily bread!


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