Bluskyee wrote:Why We Cheat; My Personal Experience

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I was not born or wired to become a cheat, same with other cheats roaming the earth. We all learned to cheat. Back in high school I was dumped by my babe for being too cool; she wanted someone with charisma, panache and dopeness written all over. I was dumped for a dancer (I can’t help but smile while reminiscing) that dude can dance for Africa lol….I moved on got into school;

was still a cool dude, shirts tucked all the time, shoes polished etc (freshman smiles again). I met a lady in my second year, the prettiest lady I have ever met she was from plateau she stood at 5′ 11″ pointed nose thin small lips, slit eyes and all that. We were so in love that we usually join our allowee together and spend like partners. When we came back from IT she told me she had met another guy and she would like to end the relationship.

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Obviously the guy was working then….My fantasy world ended. I am a cute guy no doubt so mingling wasn’t much of a problem but I was always cool and could be easily mistaken for a jew man. I met another lady during my final year, she was lovely too I found her very interesting and gorgeous with an impressive height. During service, she met a working class guy and stylishly dumped me (she did it in a grand style). I almost cried, I moved on. After service I got a job the following year, then I understood the game!

Let me explain, Ladies often dump their university lovers for working-class guys. These guys end up marrying some, and those left out will continue to hope for another working-class guys. Some of the so called working class guys will end up marrying students and this will place the hopers in double jeopardy…Now the broke university guys you dumped are now working and it’s time for them to start their game to enjoy what you taught them that is when one chicken legged babe will start screaming “real men don’t cheat”…laffing in hispanic…

A lady at my work place once said “so many men are immature “, then I asked her how does a matured guy behave? She said “He is cool ,understanding, caring and able to listen to the words of a silent heart”….I told her so many ladies have dumped such men aeons ago.

For the records, the lady that dumped me in my final year was disappointed cos the guy dumped her. She came back I did what needed to be done banged life out of her, shared her with my friends (when we quarrelled), they also helped her ministry…Now the banging trend continues… I met some guys like myself and we all had similar stories to share….

I have continually enticed my former GF that left me after IT, she is married but I ain’t giving up. she should thank her heavens that her husband is strong financially that is why she has successfully escaped all my snares. I am not giving up on her though. I will continue to exhaust all ideas and wait for that time when she slips…

Hey broke dude! Hustle hard keep cool it might just be next month and you land your dream job. Remember to fix all that needs to be fixed…REMEMBER….The ladies have had their time; When you get your dream job it’s your time too to flex, flirt and cheat…don’t get matured too soon….”Maturity is a term coined by ladies so as to give you this vague sense of being responsible”….If I can stay cool at my job(handle work pressures), take good care of my parents and siblings… then once rickety looking lady will wake up one miserable morning to define “Maturity” as being Faithful?…lool…

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