Bread Scarcity!As Bakers Strikes In Akwa Ibom

Bakers in Akwa Ibom State have begun a three-day warning strike following the high cost of bread ingredients and the impending increment in bread prices.

A baker, Mr. Edem Edem, said on Thursday that the minor increase they effected on bread prices was not worthwhile, adding that they would increase the price of bread further to commensurate with the ingredients.

“We have been battling with high cost of flour and other bread ingredients and that was why we effected minor increment in prices of bread, but that has still not been able to make the business worthwhile. Therefore, we have decided to effect a major price increment to ensure that the cost of bread is commensurate with its ingredients,” he said.

Edem, however, assured them that the ongoing strike would be called off on Saturday, as it was mainly arranged to drive the plight of bakers to the minds of consumers and get them prepared for possible increment in prices of various sizes of bread.


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