Breaking News:Employee shoots two , kill self

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A disgruntled former employee stormed a Texas trucking company Wednesday morning, killing a supervisor before committing suicide inside the shell-shocked office.

The gunman had reportedly been fired that very morning from Knight Transportation, and later returned to the company’s office in Katy armed with a pistol and a shotgun.

Shortly before 8:45am, the gunman re-entered the building and used the shotgun to kill his former supervisor dead. He then turned the gun on himself to commit suicide, authorities confirmed at a morning press conference.

Incident Site
Police and Army on site of incident

Neither the gunman or his supervisor have been identified by name yet.

‘Other than he was terminated, we don’t know anything about him,’ Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman said Wednesday morning. ‘He parked right outside the building and came right in.’

Sheriff Hickman called the shooting a ‘retaliatory’  act.

Two other employees were also injured. Harris County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Ralph Gonzalez says that one of the employees was injured on his face and another one was injured on the arm and leg. It’s unclear whether the employees were hit with shrapnel or a piece of glass.


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