Breast Cancer Awareness:Mother Of Two Shares Photos Of Early Signs She Got

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A mother-of-two battling cancer has shared a photograph of a barely visible dimple on her breast.That tiny shadow is her only symptom of the devastating disease.
Claire Warner said she would not have spotted the seemingly innocuous bump unless her friend had shown her an article about the lesser-known warning sign.She cannot feel a lump – the most common indicator of breast cancer – and she doesn’t feel ill.
Now she is publicizing an image of her left breast to warn other women.

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Horrified: This was the message Claire posted online, describing her horror at spotting the symptom

The chilling photograph has been shared more than 16,000 times.
Posting the photograph on her Facebook page, Claire wrote: ‘Ok, here goes – the Facebook status and photo I never dreamt I’d be posting – PLEASE READ and more importantly LOOK!
‘This is a picture of my left boob.

‘The small purplish bruise is where I had a biopsy taken.
‘The minuscule dimple up and to the left of it is a rare and little-known symptom of BREAST CANCER.

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