Britain’s flashiest tourist: Saudi billionaire flies his £1m-plus fleet of GOLD supercars to London (Photos)

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For many people a trip abroad might mean a small hire car with the occasional luxury addition. 

But for one man desperate to maintain his reputation, a holiday in London means just another place he can show off his impressive vehicles.

Britain’s flashiest tourist, from Saudi Arabia, arrived in the capital over the weekend with a fleet of gold cars worth more than £1million.

His vehicles include a £370,00 Mercedes G63, a six-wheel off-roader, a Bentley Flying Spur, worth £220,000, a £350,000 Rolls-Royce and a £350,000 Lamborghini Aventador SV.

They were spotted parked outside the five-star Mandarian Oriental hotel near Hyde Park over the Bank Holiday weekend before being driven through Kensington. Their journey also took them to Cadogan Place, where the average house price is just over £5.2million.

It is not known how much it costs to cover the cars in gold chrome wrap, but previous reports suggest it is in the region of £4,000 per vehicle.

The pictures signal the start of the city’s supercar season, when wealthy Arabs flee the scorching hot temperatures of the Middle East and cruise around the British capital in their ostentatious vehicles.

The arrival of the supercars has become a regular event in recent years, with rich Kuwaitis, Saudis and Emiratis seeking to out-do each with their souped-up vehicles.

They are often spotted waiting in gridlocked traffic in some of central London’s most popular areas or parked up outside designer shops and luxury boutiques, including Harrods.



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