Britney Spears Posts Photoshopped Instagram Pic, Internet Outraged

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Spears finds herself in hot water again, ironically for a pic she posted near some cool water. She posted a picture of herself by the pool with a back that looks suspiciously bendy.

Basically, it appears that someone had a Photoshop fail.

Look under her back. There should be tile of some kind there. There does not appear to be tile of some kind there.

“Thigh gap?? She has back gap! ️️ looking good Brit!” one user wrote.

Another pointed out that the blue under her back might be fabric. To that we say: Maybe. But maybe not.

Just chilling

Britney belongs to the prior generation of celebs that acted conspicuously wild in public and made the mid-2000s arguably the greatest pop culture time in history. Now she’s toned down her public image but her understanding of the micro-examination of Instagram seems to have lagged behind. Either that or she literally just doesn’t care at all. Which is kind of great on its own.

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