Brymo advised fan to drop out of school, read what Freeze said in response

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“Brymo is right, the lad doesn’t need school to be successful.  Nigeria’s biggest problem is borne out of the sheep mentality that has imprisoned us physically, mentally and even spiritually.

“I got an education because my learned parents wanted me to, I have never needed it. I got my coolfm job because of my voice and experience. I got my 1st job with BCOS IBADAN at 19 and by 21, I was in 200 level, yet was training graduates.

“Education doesn’t guarantee anything. Discover yourself, God already put greatness in you!

“Here are people who didn’t finish school yet are super successful.

“George Washington President of the United States

“Abraham Lincoln President of the United States

“Harry Truman President of the United States

Grover Cleveland President of the United States

“Zachary Taylor President of the United States

“Andrew Johnson President of the United States

“John Glenn Astronaut, U.S. Senator

“Benjamin Franklin U.S. Ambassador

“Winston Churchill Prime Minister, England

“John Major Prime Minister, England

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“Florence Nightingale Nurse

“George Eastman Founder of Eastman Kodak

“Ray Kroc Founder of McDonald’s

“Ralph Lauren Fashion designer & Entrepreneur

“Doris Lessing Nobel Prize in Literature

“George Bernard Shaw Playwright

“Peter Jennings News anchor ABC

“Christopher Columbus Explorer

“TD Jakes Pastor

“Joel Osteen Pastor

“John D. Rockefeller Founder of Standard Oil

“Ted Turner Founder CNN

“Quentin Tarantino Movie director

“Peter Jackson Movie director (Lord of the Rings)

“Mark Twain Author

“Carly Fiorina CEO, Hewlett Packard

“Charles Dickens Author

“William Faulkner Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winner

“Li Ka Shing Wealthiest man in Asia

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“Richard Branson Founder Virgin Atlantic Airways and Virgin Records

“Enzo Ferrari Founder of Ferrari

“Henry Ford Founder of Ford Motor Company

“J. Paul Getty Founder Getty Oil

“Jack London Author

“Larry Ellison Founder of Oracle

“Tom Anderson Founder of Myspace

“Mark Zuckerberg Founder of Facebook

“Steve Jobs Founder of Apple

“Steve Wozniak Founder of Apple

“Bill Gates Founder of Microsoft

“Paul Allen Founder of Microsoft

“Ringo Starr Beatles

“Arisekola Alao billionaire entrepreneur ~FRZ”

Freeze has always maintained a vocal stance on trending and sociopolitical happenings in the nation.

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On Monday, March 14, he spoke on formerly imprisoned Nollywood actress Ibinabo Fiberesima explaining that the embattled actress should be pardoned in order not to deprive her children of her care as well as traumatize them with her absence. He added that the jail sentence could put a blot on the entertainer’s image as well with the tag of ‘ex-convict’.

On April 21, he gave his two cents on the lingering drama between Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu and her ex-lover Seun Egbede adding that the actress deserves to get an aplogy for all that has transpired between the pair.

On Tuesday, April 26, he gave his candid opinion on the issue of Fulani herdsmen and the violence in their wake, a situation which has been a source of worry as it could spark national crisis among other things.

On April 28, he made his first statement on the Tiwa-Tee Billz issue via a post on his social media account wherein he expressed disbelief in the situation, adding that Tee Billz is a wonderful person and he hopes the situation between the couple is not true.

On Monday, May 1, he discussed the infamous marriage crisis between Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz stating that while the online audience were taking sides with differing viewpoints on the crisis, it must be stated that neither of Tiwa nor Tee Billz can win in the situation.

He urged them to reconcile for the sake of their baby Jamil if for nothing else.

Ifedayo ‘Freeze’ Olarinde is a renowned Nigerian radio presenter and events host.

In 2015, his marriage collapsed after series of allegations between him and his ex-wife after which he allegedly abandoned her with two kids in pursuit of romance with a Port Harcourt-based lover rumored to be older than him.

Freeze is half Nigerian (Osun State) and half Romanian. He read Sociology at the University of Ibadan and began his broadcasting career in 1996 with BCOS, Ibadan.

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