Can You Tell Your New Partner How Many People You’ve Been With?

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Would you tell a new partner how many people you've slept with?
People who've gone through a particularly promiscuous phase before settling down might just want to keep that information to themselves, according to research.

The report found that the most 'desirable' number of past sexual partners to have had is no more than 14 for women and no more than 15 for men.

Interestingly, the similarity between the two numbers seems to show a lack of gender double standards and indicates that both men and women aren't keen on their lover having too many notches on their bed post.


The number of sexual partners that men thought was ideal is 7.5.
It was a very similar number to the one women thought was best, which was 7.6.

Yet, having too few sexual partners is also a turn-off.
The Superdrug Online Doctor survey shows that people think that women who have had only 1.9 sexual partners, and men who've had just 2.3 are too sexually conservative.


And if you're tempted to stretch the truth a little, you're in good company.
Some 8.2 per cent of women have said that they've had sex with more people than they actually have - and 17.5 per cent of men have.

Those who try and be coy about their sexual past are even larger.
Of women, 18.6 per cent have decreased the number of people they've slept with, and 13.7 per cent of men have done the same.

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