Car Illustration of Nigeria and Nigerians(photos)

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I was on my way from the farm last week when the sight of this vehicle caught my attention.At first it got me cracking with my workers but something wih in me gave an announcement that,it wasn’t really funny or a joke.

Immediately I stopped laughing and tried communing with my inner mind.I obviously knew he was angry,Angry at the fact that I made a joke out of a serious situation.I started pounding on this thoughts like a wanderer lost in a maze,over days I tried figuring out what exactly to make out of this image but nothing came fort.

I gave up trying to make a story out of the image ,then face my normal day job..which includes disseminating news and current gist to Readers across the planet.Each time I’m checking on pictures on my phone,I come across this picture and  a thought  would come up that I have this which is Original and yet cant make a story out of it.

We talk about luxurious pictures by celebrities,Favorite sport men and  women.Comedians,Crime and so on,Yet making a touching story out of this seem a bit difficult.

I sat tight ,took a bottle of water for refreshment ,ate my left over bread from Shop rite ,got my laptop though with a  the half charged battery and decided with hope i will make something out of this picture before it runs out. Sorry if my Story bores you ,stroll to the last paragraph,but those not bored continue reading

Actually there’s been no light here since Friday,now to be honest there was light yesterday but it came on at night when it wouldn’t be useful for any one except the night owls.About last night,i came in tired after a stressful day ,slept dead tired woke up by 3am to see a tiny light shining by my head ..That was when i realized P.H.C.N left the light from their Holden.Luckily i plugged my Laptop and that’s why i have half charged battery to write this.

Our beloved Country has basked in lots of glory from the past ranging from the dawn before independence ,to that after Independence..As we get old as a Country ,so many things keep happening.When i was little there were songs about Government which are still relevant to what’s happening today,do you mean to tell me there’s been no change.Songs from Independence ,the Military Era(Pro-Democracy) to the Democratic reign.Commendable artist such as African China,Fela Anikulapo Kuti,Femi Kuti,Dagrin,2FACE Idibia,Saheed Osupa,King Sunny Ade,Orlando Owoh just  to mention a few Living and dead  Patriotic Nigerians who sang about the situation and hardship the country was facing.Some of them spoke frankly and attacked the government on various issues,their points were valid and we appreciated them.

Now back from the preamble ,the picture and its Illustration is what i have timely created  and hope you can do some thing meaningful too



Firstly I see the Car as Nigeria,The Nigerian Economy and its Independence..Now my point, Nigeria is our Country which God has given us,Good land,Natural Resources etc.The land is ever green and the vegetation favorable for all kinds of Crops.This cant work till someone makes it work , we are  responsible to make it work  .

This Car was manufactured and sold new though sent down here as second handed goods ,but we all would agree most second handed vehicle sent to Nigeria or bought in Nigeria are not in any condition close to this car.Have you ever thought about it why once a car is brought into Nigeria ,it already received a death sentence..

This is not blasphemy its the truth and an average Nigerian would blame that on the Government..Yes it is the Government,You are the Government,I am the Government ,We are the Government.We have to carry that attitude,live with it ,grow with it ,take responsibility and do whats right at all time.


This car wont get to this state without a driver ,even if it would depreciate in value and looks,the Engine would still be sound over years .We are the Driver,you are the driver,I am that Driver .Nigeria would remain Nigeria if not driven,if not used up ,if not Explored.

My heart pours to the boys in the creeks.I understand your pains and agony.But dont be like this Driver.To the Sects in the North ,you have driven the car and almost drowning it,if water goes into the engine it would probably stop working.

Nigeria is that Car see it as a precious gift ,care about it ,wash it ,use it carefully ,service it when due and it won’t get to that worse state.Many would say today that there is no hope for Nigeria,I will say there is ,the land is still green ,rain still falls and there is still day and night far  that is still  in order God is still in control.We are a Nation that pray fervently,we worship God but the bible says Prayer without work is dead vice versa.

Take a look carefully at this car ,the tires are deflated,the boots can no more hold goods as you can see the spare tires are on the car roof.The tail lights are out and the bumpers too.

Now someone would say the Driver got to fend for he’s family ,yes he’s got that responsibility but if the car was well maintained ,it won’t get to that state.Many would say they have seen worse cars on the road,yes you have but that doesn’t make it a right ..many would say the economy is harsh and bad yes it is, there are people who own cars like this and its not in this state.

The fact remains that in Good hands,this car can be remodeled,panel bitten,painted and made to look brand new.It is our duty now to co-operate with the Government,do what is right,stop slandering and believe in Our Nation

Nigerians are good people,we are not criminals,we are not terrorists,we stand for whats right ,we lead and we lay good example that’s what our founding fathers  would stand for.Lets stand united ,help each other,eliminate selfish interest and believe there is a future even if it all seems there is not but affirmatively there is a future for Nigeria if we stop being that Driver!

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