Check this out! Gown made with bags of prawn crackers (Photos)

A 28-year-old Thai woman has become an Internet sensation overnight after she posted her own version of a high fashion gown that's made from bags of prawn crackers.


Sine Benjaphorn is a plus-size model and owner of a clothing store in Ratchaburi, a province west of Bangkok, Thailand. The gown that she chose to replicate was a peach layered gown that Thai actress, Chompoo Araya wore to a L'Oreal event during the recent Cannes Film Festival.

According to Benjaphorn, she was inspired after seeing pictures of Araya and went out to buy bags of prawn crackers — a popular savoury snack — to sew them together. The end result from the colour down to the layering and wavy texture is uncanny


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