Child Mentoring (Series One)

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By: Adebowale Yinka

"Growing up was a huge experience for me. I had big sisters and uncles who treated me like the "kiddie" in the house. But then, I had a special uncle I liked because he pampered me more. His gifts were special and he looked at me with intense care. Mum was cool with him but she didn't know he gave me “extra” care, the kind that sealed my lips!" This is in fact, one of the stories I heard from young teens who were victims of this ill societal challenge.

Rape cases and assault issues are prevalent in our society and parents must learn to discern who mentors their wards. The inability of kids to see a model and a confident person in their parent is a major contribution to making them victims. TRAIN YOUR CHILD TO SPEAK OUT! That is the first step to winning the situation.

Sexual assaults among teens have become a trend in the society due to parents negligence and their unceasing pursuit for money and power. I wasn't an exception! The house-master would call me separately and caress my breasts after instilling fear in me. I would lock myself in the room, cry out my tears then smile before the world, acting like the world is fair to me when in realism, my emotions are torn apart. I grew stubborn to him at some point, yet I couldn't tell anyone about it. I knew I wasn't the only one he does that to.

I know of a teenager who feels insecure with her parents, and couldn't tell them of her constant rape experience with her uncle. Most parents are like "Goliath", scaring the kids into their room when they should encourage a cordial relationship with them.

My point is; let your kids be confident to say how they feel about ANYTHING to you. As a parent, you must strive to "win their trust", to make them believe you love them and wouldn't trade them for anything.

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