Child Mentoring (Series Two)

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The first publication dealt specifically with WINNING YOUR CHILD’S  CONFIDENCE  AND TRUST as the foundation for dealing with rape. This second publication deals with MONITORING AND PAYING KEEN ATTENTION TO YOUR CHILD as a foundation for addressing issues as they occur, in other to control what happens to and around your child.

No doubt, we have extremely busy (career) parents whose successes are well pronounced. But we must always remember that as parents, our first success is our FAMILY.

A teenager shared her story on how she got raped when she attended a birthday party. It was her family friend’s party held in a broad day light. It first started when the rapist attempted to touch her breasts. She refused him but sustained a few bruise during the struggle to escape, which she secretly pampered that her parents never noticed. She was scared to say, until the worse eventually happened.

The point here is, if her parents paid attention to her, they would have noticed the bruises and adequate actions would have been taken to avert such evil happening that may never be erased from the memory of the victim.

Don’t be a smart parent who ignore little things but assumes everything. ASK QUESTIONS! If you cannot strike a woman-to-woman conversation with your girl child, you may never have the chance to understand how she feels, let alone, what goes on in her world. In as much as you try to monitor what your child wears and eats, where she goes, who she mingles with and what they do; you must also understand that you can only achieve that goal when you become her friend.

A final note for mothers and intending mothers. Your kids are your first success-story, don’t be carried away with the awards coming from the crowd, while Your home is left messy.

Adebowale Adeyinka

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