Comedian Yaw LAMENTS Over Unprofitable Comedy Industry

Popular humour merchant, Stephen Onu popularly known as Yaw has cried out over the unprofitability of comedians hosting individual shows.

According to him, hosting of comedy shows in Nigeria is no more lucrative citing that in the long run, the returns is ridiculous compared to what is invested.

Yaw also revealed that his comic show yielded less gain after spending so much on the planning.

“It’s not lucrative at all, I will tell you, I just did my show. If you rate what effort that you put in, and the money that you spend in doing these shows you just get back what you invested in the shows and at the end, you really don’t make gains,” he said.

He stressed further that “So it’s not lucrative, of course it is important because when you do these shows, you remind some of your clients that you are still there, you show some other side of you that they don’t know before and you also stay relevant in the industry”.

Olayinka Olamiposi

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