corpers teaching people how to use of condom

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The Corp members of Ijare and Irese under Ifedore local government, ondo state , under the supervision of Miss Ogunsola (LGI), today in mass trooped out to sensitize the people of Irese about the danger and risk of having unprotected sex and teenage pregnancy.con2
It came to our notice that almost all the teenage girls in Irese town are either pregnant or don’t have the idea of the risk behind teenage pregnancy. We took it upon us as our weekly CDS today to go and educate the teenagers on the risk behind having teenage pregnancy and unprotected sex. It was all a success as the people of Irese turned out in mass, to be educated by Corp members.con3

The LGI was so happy with the idea and the way the Corp members of Irese and Ijare organized themselves, she also praised the team spirit and encouraged the continuity of team spirit.


OP Komolafe Daniel Oluwole Durglaz

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