Couple Stroll Onto Train After Having Sex In Broad Daylight

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A brazen couple had sex in broad daylight at a busy London train station before casually strolling onto a train.

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Extraordinary footage captured by a passenger at Hackney Downs station showed the pair romping on a station platform.

With their clothes pulled down in clear daylight, the pair engage in sexual intercourse for around 90 seconds before they stopped.

As they adjusted their clothes, the red-haired woman appears to look at the person who filmed her and makes an exasperated expression, suggesting she realises they were recorded.

Later on, the pair were filmed walking hand-in-hand along the London Overground platform before boarding a train with other travelers.

The explicit scenes were filmed by a passenger who posted the video on Twitter and said: “Hackney Downs is a different place uno, how’s a man clarting this ting at a train station.”

The footage was posted onto social media on Saturday and and has been shared by almost 2,000 Twitter users.

Mirror Online have approached British Transport Police and Transport for London for comment.

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