Crazy! Man Sues God to court over Unanswered Prayers!

An Israeli Man Who Filed Restraining Order Against God Disgraced In Court As Judge Claims God Didn’t Show Up. The Israeli lost his lawsuit against God over no show of the accused.

The unidentified man initially reported God to a nearby police station after accusing His Holiness of exhibiting negative attitude toward him by not answering his prayers.
Police sent patrol cars to his house and afterwards ignored him.

He escalated the matter and filed a restraining order against His Holiness.
The Haifa resident who didn’t give much details about his feud with Almighty Jehovah was shocked on the day of his hearing when a Judge identified as Ahsan Canaan dismissed his lawsuit describing it as bizarre.

He told the defendant to get himself some mental help.
Judge Canaan dismissed the application because the Almighty God didn’t show up in court.

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