D B C: If N7.3 Million Was ‘Mistakenly’ Transferred Into Your Account,What Would You Do?(See Online Poll)

A Nigerian Man has taken to Twitter after he received a credit alert of over 7 million naira in his Diamond Bank Account.

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The user, @raynergy, said the transfer was made by a company, though he didn’t disclose the actual company, but it’s been 24 hours, and he hasn’t been contacted by the bank or the company to return the money.

He wrote:

Dear @DiamondBankNG exactly at this time yesterday 7,310,000.00, seven million three hundred and ten thousand was transferred to my account.

The transfer was made by a company. It’s exactly 24 hours & I have not been contacted. The money is not mine and I want it out of my account

Please follow back so I can DM my account information and any other details you may require. Thank you.

This immediately prompted a Twitter poll by a Nigerian, who asked other Nigerians what they’d have done if they got a credit alert from an unknown source.


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