Dad encourages his toddler son to jump off a roof into his arms(Video)

The video, sarcastically entitled Father of the Year, has shocked viewers who have blasted the parents for letting a small child perform such a dangerous stunt  A toddler is encouraged to jump from a roof into his father's arms in this terrifying video .

The clip shows the small boy tottering on top of a building, roughly 10 feet above the ground.

His father can be seen below, with his hands raised in the air encouraging the toddler to jump.Without hesitation, the child leaps from the roof and hurtles towards the ground, before being safely swept up in his father's arms.

A woman can be heard laughing in the background.The. video, which appears to have been filmed somewhere in the Middle East , has horrified viewers, who branded the parents irresponsible for letting their child perform such a dangerous stunt.
Several people suggested the boy might repeat the jump when there's no one to catch him.
The video, sarcastically titled Father of the Year, has been viewed more than 63,000 times on LiveLeak.

Watch Video here

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