Destined2win Predicts: Nigeria will look like this in 4years

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2019 is around the corner. It is a time to make decisions that will forever change the story of this nation and channel us towards a path of peace and prosperity. I am the one destined to bring that desired change; I am the crown king that has been set aside to make this nation an envy in the eyes of America, China, Japan, Korea, Belgium, Germany,, Switzerland, France and Russia.

I am coming to eradicate poverty from the land and expunge the mentality of a failed nation. Arise Oh Nigerians and do not let this opportunity pass you by.

I am coming with full force to crush every obstacle of backwardness in this nation. Watch out!!!!!!!!

Trust me, I will leave footprints on this nation that eons of years to come, generations will marvel at such prosperity that once graced the land. The pictures attached are just a few of the transformation that is about to take place; you will see more of that.

All you have to do is to be hopeful; anticipate a great nation of equity and fairness, and pray that my Government comes soonest. You will be happy that you once experienced a nation that was picked from the dung and placed on the mountains where it catches the admiration of nations. Pray for my Government...I am coming!!!

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