Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton Crook In New Tweets(See What He Did Later)

Hillary Clinton responded in kind to President Donald Trump Wednesday after the President said on Twitter that Clinton was "a terrible candidate" who "now blames everybody but herself" for her unsuccessful presidential bid.

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"People in covfefe houses shouldn't throw covfefe," Clinton replied, quoting the President's pronouncement and referencing the nonsensical phrase Trump tweeted without explanation around midnight on Tuesday.
Trump's initial tweet has since been deleted, but it's contents have already been immortalized in Internet memes.

The comical exchange started after a question-and-answer session at the Code tech conference in California, during which Clinton criticized the Democratic National Committee's handling of its data operations.

During the session, Clinton also responded to Trump's confusing "covfefe" tweet, suggesting that it may have been a "hidden message to the Russians."

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Trump soon after tweeted that Clinton was deflecting the blame for her loss.

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