DV: Man Brutally Attacks Wife,Gave Her Bulging And Bloodshot Eyes(photos)

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A mother has shared horrific pictures of injuries she claims she suffered at the hands of her boyfriend.

Jenna Louise Thomas, 22, took to Facebook and revealed shocking scratches to her face, a bruised and swollen eye and cuts behind her ear.

She claimed she is lucky to be alive after she was subjected to a brutal attack which started as she lay in bed and continued in the street outside her home as she tried to get away.

Police say they are now looking for a Jamie Webber in connection with the attack, reports Wales Online.

And Jenna wrote on Facebook: “Please, I beg anyone who sees him to ring the police.”

She claimed in her Facebook post: “This is the result of what Jamie Webber has done to me for absolutely nothing. Please, I beg anyone who sees him to ring the police. I am too scared to leave a house, I need to take my son home. People have been searching everywhere for him, someone has got to know where he is.

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