Evangelist Eucharia Reveals She Can Play The Role Of An “ASHAWO”

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Evangelist Eucharia Anunobi has revealed that she is willing to accept the role of a prostitute, despite being an evangelist.

According to her, she is open for such roles provided that she does not smoke or drink since she doesn’t do it in real life. “If they give me the one of ‘Ashawo’, I will do.

But then, I’m not going to smoke, because I don’t smoke in real life, and I’m not going to drink” she said

The actress also added that  “I can simulate, for instance, like in drinking, but then, I might not wear clothes that will reveal parts of my body. unless it’s 4a beach scene where wearing bikini is compulsory”.

The actress who has featured in series of movie over the years, is now a deliverance minister that travels around the world to preach the gospel

Olayinka Olamiposi

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