Five prison officers taken hostage by inmate

Five prison officers were taken hostage by an inmate brandishing a blade, it has emerged.The officers were held up at HMP Highpoint in Suffolk as the lag wielded a twin-blade weapon.It happened on May 12 but details have only just become known, reported the BBC .

The incident came the day after another inmate held a prisoner hostage in their cell, this time using a bladed toilet brush.


This episode on May 12 happened as the prisoner demanded a transfer, to be re-categorised and to be taken off the prison wing.The Prison Service Gold Command - which responds to serious incidents - was deployed and the prisoner surrendered.

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Police were also informed.On May 11, the inmate used a toilet brush studded with razor blades to stab another prisoner at HMP and YOI Swinfen Hall, Staffordshire.

It was filmed on a smuggled mobile phone, as the victim suffered deep slashes to his head, face and ear.He was taken to hospital by staff who intervened.

Prisons Minister Andrew Selous told the BBC: "Our prison system needs reform, which is why we are giving governors greater freedoms to innovate to find better ways of rehabilitating offenders."We have to ensure prisoners can be rehabilitated so they are no longer a danger to others."

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