Girl gives birth in the toilet with NO idea she was pregnant

A teenager who assumed she had severe constipation was astounded when she suddenly gave birth on the toilet.

Jenika Tailor had no idea she was pregnant, having had regular periods and suffering no weight gain, cravings or back pain.

The 19-year-old woke in agony last month and went to the toilet, assuming she had severe period pain or constipation.

But when it got worse, she called for her mother, who rushed to her side and noticed she was bleeding.

Baby Zara was born just seconds later, weighing 4lb 3oz.

Unaware she was pregnant, Miss Taylor had drunk throughout her pregnancy and says she had spent an afternoon sipping cocktails with her mother just days before the birth.

And despite not using contraception, she claims she didn’t think she would pregnant – so is telling her story to raise awareness of safe sex.

Describing the birth, Miss Tailor, who is studying forensic science at the University of West London, said: ‘In terms of the pain, I was on red alert.

‘I am usually a pretty calm person. At first I didn’t realise I was in labour, I assumed I was in early pregnancy.

‘I called my mum and was sat on the toilet while she rang the paramedics.

‘Then she put her hand under me and said she could feel a head. I got up, took five steps and Zara landed in my mum’s hand.

‘I didn’t even push. I didn’t even realise I was about to have a baby until that point. But the paramedics were incredible.’

Miss Tailor, who has a part-time job in Starbucks, was too stunned to speak as the paramedics took her and Zara to hospital.

But despite being born at seven months and weighing 4lbs 3oz, mother and daughter only spent five days in hospital.

Three weeks on, Zara is a happy and healthy baby and is doted on by her uncle Jay, 17, auntie Kieryn, 16, and grandparents Kuki and Ketan.

Her boyfriend, Sukith Fernando, 19, is also said to be besotted by his daughter.


Miss Tailor added: ‘My dad was in Canada when she was born and he was shocked. At first he was angry but now he can’t leave her alone.

‘My mum is my best friend, my world and now my personal midwife. My family are amazing and got us everything we needed.

‘What has helped me through this is the support and love that has been provided.’

Now considering becoming a midwife after her daughter’s whirlwind birth, she added: ‘I didn’t think things like that really happen, I want to show people that it does.

‘Zara is a lovely baby. She barely cries, she just sleeps all day and does what normal babies do. She is also gaining weight. It’s been hard, but also so amazing.’


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