Girl Nearly Died While Trying To Retrieve Cell Phone On Rail Track

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A teen nearly died trying to rescue her cell phone.Chenelle. Agnew, 17, was standing at a subway stop in Brooklyn on Thursday when her precious cell phone slipped out of her hands and dropped onto the tracks, reports the New York Post

Agnew made the decision to save her phone from peril and jumped onto the tracks at the Bergen St. stop to retrieve it. That's when a train barreled into the station - and ran over Agnew and her phone.


'I saw her in the tracks trying to pick something up,' the train's operator, Devone Mason, told the outlet. 'And then I heard her hit. I heard the thump. I didn’t know if she was alive or dead.'

When Mason got out and looked under the train, she didn't know what gruesome sight might await her, but thankfully the phone - as well as the teen - was alive.

Agnew had some bumps and bruises, but nothing serious. And the train conductor says she had her cell phone in her hands.


'She was down there still moving,' she said. She added this is the first time anyone has hopped in front of her train in her 17 years with the New York City subway system. 'I'm still a little jumpy,' she said.

Agnew was pulled from the tracks by emergency service crews.

Pictures of the phone-loving teen on the stretcher show her staring intently at her beloved device.

She, and the phone, were taken to a nearby hospital where they are both expected to recover.


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