Gross!!!100,000 Fans Unfollows Kim Kardashian On Instagram(See Why)

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-Kim Kardashian is the fifth most popular celebrity on Instagram with almost 100 million followers, just behind Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.

-But unairbrushed pictures of Kim Kardashian in her bikini may cost the social media queen her mighty online presence as 100,000 fans have unfollowed her on the picture-sharing site.

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Kim was enjoying a girls' holiday in Mexico to celebrate her sister Kourtney Kardashian's birthday this week when photographers snapped her in a variety of skimpy bikinis.
The pictures showed off Kim's natural figure and revealed her curvaceous behind which was a little dimpled with cellulite.
But fans have seized on the difference between the paparazzi pictures and the snaps Kim posts on social media herself, claiming that Photoshop and even plastic surgery are behind the difference.

Undeniable difference Kim's backside certainly does look smoother in her own Instagram snaps

The mum-of-two was blasted on Twitter and Instagram with former fans declaring her 'fake'.
One Instagram user told Kim that there was 'nothing real' about her.

Geegeelove1 wrote: 'Kim you make me feel sick talking about your flawless body when you run to the plastic surgeon for everything. There is nothing real about you.'
Another joined in the chorus of criticism writing: 'Nothing natural about years of botox'.

While one former fan, whose handle on Instagram is christian.telleria, wrote: 'Your body is completely fake'.
Another user, Hey_Kendi, commented underneath a picture of Kim with sister Kourtney: 'The natural one.

Kimmy would look that good too if she stayed away from all that plastic surgery. Injections, implants, shots; just say no.'
Undeniable difference: Kim's backside certainly does look smoother in her own Instagram snaps




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