Group Of Nigerians Caught Hiding Under Moving Train To Germany (pics)

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German police have apprehended a group of Nigerian immigrants who hid on a freight train trying to enter Germany illegally.

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According to a report by Reuters, seven adults and five unaccompanied minors climbed out of the train, traveling from the Italian city of Verona to Munich, after police found them in a spot check using heat detection cameras in the southern town of Raubling.

Most of the arrested Immigrants who are Nigerians, Somalians, Ivoirians were wearing only shorts and T-Shirts and had hidden under lorries transported on the train. One had an injured leg and was unable to walk unaided.

Police in the city of Rosenheim, which is near the Austrian border have said they are finding an increasing number of migrants seeking to enter the country illegally.

Scharf said they had found 20 so far in August and more than 100 in July. β€œThat’s a clear increase, because in the first half of the year we only found 20 people in total.

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