Hard Times:Read What Nigerians Are Now Doing-Punch Reports

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A middle-aged man, simply named Abdulrahman, broke into his co-tenant’s food cupboard, brought out a pot of cooked rice and another one containing stew and carried them to his apartment. He had seen his co-tenant keep the food in the cupboard in the morning. Abdulrahman’s wife, not minding where the food came from, took the pots from him and served herself, her husband and their two children.

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While they were enjoying the meal, their co-tenant came in with his family and saw that his food cupboard had been burgled. Before he could ask questions, Abdulrahman and his wife came out to apologise for what they had done. Their excuse was that they were hungry and had no food in the house to eat.

According to a tenant in the neighbourhood, Mr. Peter Ekpoyong, who narrated the incident to our correspondent, that would not be the first incident he had witnessed in recent weeks.

He said, “I have witnessed about three similar incidents now in the past few weeks. People are hungry and what they have resorted to do is breaking into people’s homes and food cupboards. If you catch them eating your food, they will explain to you that they are hungry and have no other option. The family who stole my co-tenant’s food was even asking whether they could still get more food.

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