Heartbreaking:Mum shares Pictures Of ‘Beautiful’ Daughter Who Was Stillborn At 39 Weeks After Being Poisoned In The Womb(Photos)

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A brave young mum has shared heartbreaking photos of her stillborn daughter who was slowly poisoned in the womb because of a rare illness.

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Gabriella Morley and Matthew Dalton had been friends for 10 years before becoming a couple in 2016 and were overjoyed to discover they were having a baby soon after.

But at 39 weeks, while out shopping with removal driver Matty, 25, mum-to-be Gabriella suddenly realised she hadn't felt her baby move that day.

After rushing to hospital , doctors looked for a heartbeat but 24-year-old Gabriella and Matty were given the devastating news that their baby had died.

The grieving mum had to give birth to her lifeless little girl on May 9 2017 – an emotionally 'scarring' experience she has tried to block from her memory.

A post-mortem revealed that baby Poppy died from cardiac arrest after being poisoned by high acidity levels in her mum's body due to the pregnancy-related liver condition intrahepatic cholestasis (ICP).

Gabriella, of Bramley, Leeds, said: "It is a rare condition but I think more mums need to know about it. I don't want anyone to ever have to go through what we did.

"Losing Poppy has been the most devastating thing ever. No mother should have to experience what it is like to go through nine months of pregnancy and leave hospital with no baby.

"But it does happen and people need to talk about it more.

"At 39 weeks and two days, I was out shopping with Matty getting all the last bits we needed and I suddenly realised I hadn't felt the baby move that day.

"When we got home I had a bath and I felt some movement. I thought it was the baby and it put my mind at rest but we know now it was probably my placenta.

"The next morning I couldn't feel the baby again so we went to the hospital and they took me in for a scan.

"After having so many, you know yourself where the heart should be and it just wasn't moving. I turned my head away and the midwife rushed for tissues. That's when I knew.

"The doctor turned to us and said 'I'm sorry, I can't see your baby's heartbeat'.

"I remember letting out this scream but then I fell silent and just stared out the window. Matty was stood next to me squeezing my hand with his head down crying. It didn't feel real.

"When I walked out of the room I could hear all these other babies' heartbeats from the other rooms and I fell apart. You never think this could happen to you.

"Knowing I was going to have to give birth was terrifying. I don't remember all of it, I've tried to block it out because it scarred me.

"When my waters broke I was so frightened. I had always imagined it would be a happy time but knowing our baby wasn't alive anymore made it awful.

"Giving birth was the saddest thing I have ever gone through. She was born to the song Pachelbel's Canon in D which is just the most beautiful and emotional piece of music.

"I remember Matty looking up and saying 'it's a girl' and the sound I made was just awful, I have never heard anything like it. It was the most horrible surprise ever. We had always wanted a girl.

"They laid her on me but I couldn't even look at her. I just couldn't understand how the baby I had grown inside me for nine months was here but she wasn't moving or crying. There was just silence."

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