HIV stigmatization:Family dumps girl in cage

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I will be very grateful if can help me post this so it can reach the appropriate authorities to come to the aid of a young woman.

She is a granddaughter of a one mama at No 16 Adeshina street Aguda surulere. I heard the lady is down with HIV and she also has stroke/Paralysis whatever the medical term.

She was living with her grandma but when they found out of her HIV status and when her sickness was severe instead of caring for her, Mama chased her out of her house, the Father hired a cab and went and dumped her under one of the bridges in surulere. Being that the lady is still mentally ok she beckoned on some police men who were passing and they brought her back to her house. On coming back they never allowed her to enter the house, later her own father who is the pastor of the cele church inside the compound went to build one kiosk like cage near the canal in the area and dumped her inside there. The area boys of that area starting revolting that they were going to destroy the cage so the man didn’t have option than to bring back the cage inside the compound and that is where she is presently living. To show how God works upon all the ill treatment the lady refused to die. HIV foundations,Lagos state government should come to this woman aid nobody deserves to be treated in this manner because of her status.

From a concerned Individual in the neighborhood.



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