How Blogging can help solve Nigeria’s Unemployment

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Just read this article on Nairaland and I think its a good one as the writer has  valid points to a fault but my arguments would be reserved today as i just want only the positive reviews

Back then when our parents use to tell us go to school, study hard and become president or minister of this or that have really change. Though the advice is still a sound one but if one rely on this advice alone he or she is likely to fail, especially in a country like Nigeria. Every year, our universities are busy pushing out
thousands of student both graduate, and drop out. why most of those that graduated since Adam are yet to secure simple job. To take care of themselves talk more of the society, most time we end up blaming it on their result whereas the real true is that our government from local, state, up to federal area level are equally finding it difficult to cope with.

Jobs are limited in unlimited society like ours, and those who are luck to secure one are also ready to do everything possible to protect the job, even if it means putting their life on the line. It ugh not to be so more especially in this our own time, where technology is at it in-case, in Nigeria today is very hard to see a person both old and young who doesn’t know about Facebook or internet thanks to mobile companies that are doing everything to make sure everyone of us have a phone that we can easily browse with, and to our network provides that are working round the clock to make sure we browse free.

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All this are wonderful development that we are not really exploring maximally. Inasmuch as we all know that the internet has come to stay at least for now. There are some side of the internet we are not fully exploring, or rather we are mentally enslave by what the western world are doing with it, and allowing our mind to be intimidate by simple words like ” they are far, we can’t do it”. Sometimes one will be force to wonder can it be that we are so lazy or uneducated, that we can no more see good things when they are around us.

Every year we eagerly wait for Forbes, website, and co—- to display their finding both the true and false ones we rush to to see what they have for us. We enjoy and encourage other people culture more than our own. Inasmuch as we all know there is nothing so bad about this, but is good we also remember that we also have culture, which no other people can tell better than us. The internet we rush everyday to read different article from either news, to research finding, can also help us to reduce unemployment.

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Every one of us is bless in his or her own unique way. And there is something we know if given chance to tell/do can change a-lot of lives. Unfortunately if you keep waiting for government to give you such chance, you may have to wait for the rest of your life, but the good news is that internet have not only giving us chance to tell our story but have also provided us with every necessary tool we may need to make sure we have a successful life.

Blogging as we know is not only made for certain people to tell their story but for all. To open a blog today and have it running will only take you 20 minus or lest if your network speed is okay. Like every other investment it takes time to gain popularity though it all depends on how much time you dedicate to it, and everything you need to set it up is all free of charge.

You have no limit of what you decide to do there, if you like you can post of how you slept and wake, you will be surprise that many really care to know or else why are they commenting anytime you post new picture or simple post on your Facebook page. There are a-lot of things you may find silly on different places you have been to but every of them is hot trend on different blog post you may not agree with me now but that is also hot trend which you will later find out. Am mentioning those silly ones around us just to show you what you can really achieve through blogging. How much more if we talk of fashion, music, movies, finance and other ones. Of course your own blog can equally be like that if only you stick to what you know and enjoy doing without letting virus of covetousness or envy distract you on your way.

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Every site you see today on the internet started like a micro blog, and develop to what they are today, thought it took the owners time, but they can proudly look back now and thank their goodness that indeed it was a well time spend. Blogging like investment takes time to mature and ones they mature you can’t stop but to enjoy the benefit therefore, believe it or not every content you post on your blog is related to a product outside there, and when the time comes the owners of those products will happily wants to run their product on your site, and without been told i believe you know what that means.

If you don’t your bank account will announce the good news then, and you can also look back and thank your goodness that it was a wise decision you took. Blogging your way to success can take days, weeks, or months but not years if truly you know much about the area you are covering. Even if every Nigerians start blogging today, is still not going to be enough to cover every area in world, so you are not limited by space or traffic, rather you are limited by your covetous or envy. Information is everything we need mostly now and it can only be made available or possible when people like you and me start blogging.

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