How Policeman was beaten and ridiculed in Ondo State(Photos)

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Seeing an officer in uniform trying to stop a moving bike with two passenger by force would normally arouse the attention of an average Nigerian.

I was facing a little issue with my car ,waiting patiently for the mechanic when the sight of a police man trying to drag a moving bike with two passengers caught my attention.

Barely did I remember my problems when I decided to see what happened.

This unlawful incident happened today at about 1pm in Ayede Ogbesse area Ondo state.This community as facts have it, is known for barbarism, cultivation of cannabis and rude timber dealers.

Back to the incident, I got closer to see what was actually happening, I realized a huge chaos was about to take place.  My wife ran back for safety . I looked ahead only to see this hoodlums trying to get rid of the policeman by grabbing his gun ,but the policeman in his frantic effort wouldn't submit to their will. It was a great tussle, the policemen on his team fired  shots in the air,but this hoodlums weren't scared.I scampered for safety ,as the struggle continued more people nearby gathered and settled the conflict.I moved closer at that time to get more picture of the story only to see the officer soaked in blood as he was injured,other officers who were on his patrol had joined to separate the fight at that point but the officers cloth were torn and he was bleeding.
From my own perspective this animalous behavior displayed by this hoodlum simply shows they have no regards for the law and that they were really lawless.To buttress my point,the head of the team came to the scene only for him to call the chief who this hoodlums answers to ,to come take a look at what his boys had done to his officer.Nigeria!now this is corruption !

My opinion: The hoodlums gallantly displayed such animalous behavior because they have a godfather they answer to who also has the policemen on his payroll.
It wasn't a  surprise when those gathered around  blamed the bleeding officer while his team leader asked him to go get medical help
Which way Nigeria which way.

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