How to whiten teeth with Orange Peels

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As you look into the mirror and smile, you don’t like what you see. Your teeth are discolored and not as white as they once used to be. If this sounds familiar, you may want to look into a teeth-whitening treatment. Teeth can get discolored as you age. Things like tea, coffee, smoking, poor dental health, and certain medications and diseases can all discolor your teeth. Over-the-counter and in-office whitening treatments are effective, but costly. A more affordable way to whiten your teeth is by using orange peels.

Things You’ll Need

Roll an orange around on a flat surface. This will loosen the skin from the flesh.

Peel the orange so you end up with strips of orange peel. Place the tip of your knife at the center top of your orange. Drag it through the skin, halfway around the orange, all the way down to the bottom center. Avoid cutting through the flesh of the orange. Repeat this until you’ve made cuts all around your orange. Leave approximately 1 inch of space in between each cut.

Grasp a strip of orange peel at the center top and strip it off your orange. Repeat this until you end up with 1-inch strips of orange peel and a perfectly peeled orange.

Hold an orange peel with the white, inside part facing you. Cover your teeth with the peel. Rub the white of the peels back and forth over your teeth. The acid in the orange peels brightens your teeth.

Rinse off any orange-peel residue left on your teeth. Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste. Always brush your teeth after whitening them with orange peels because the peels are naturally acidic, which can damage your teeth.

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