Husband hangs himself because he and his new wife couldn’t have children after medical condition left her infertile

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A husband killed himself just days after his 40th birthday because he and his new wife would not be able to have children, an inquest heard.

Paul McCumesky wanted to be a father but became depressed when he could not have a baby with new wife Michelle, 32, after a medical condition left her infertile.

He was found hanged at a warehouse belonging to crane manufacturing firm Kinshofer in Stockport, Greater Manchester, where he worked as a store supervisor.

He left two notes behind, one for his work mates and the other for his wife, who has two children from a previous marriage, apologising for taking his own life.

The couple’s infertility was down to a medical condition which Mrs McCumesky had rather than her husband.

An inquest heard they were married in 2014 at Stockport Town Hall, on the 10th anniversary of them getting together.

She told the Stockport hearing: ‘Paul and I instantly got on and he got on with my two children too.

‘Unfortunately we couldn’t have any children between us – but he was quite happy to carry on being with me.

‘We had a home gym and he was very fit. He used to smoke but stopped that to try and help with the fertility.

‘Paul had low moods, I suppose like everybody does, we had tried everything to have a baby, he just got fed up with being such a good person and having such bad luck.

‘He just said how he was fed up with how bad people got away with everything and good people like him, and like us, always have bad luck thrown at us.

‘He was fed up of seeing me in pain because my condition was the reason we couldn’t have children.

‘He would have a few days when he was down and then be fine for weeks maybe months. Just before his birthday he was a bit fed up, he didn’t like thinking about getting old and was very young at heart.

‘Eight days before he passed, I noticed he was very clingy and he never usually was like that. He never left my side for the eight days before he died.


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